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An online game set in the gothic punk world of Vampire: the Masquerade; created by White Wolf.
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 Experience Points

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PostSubject: Experience Points   Experience Points Icon_minitimeThu Jul 30, 2009 2:50 pm

You gain 1 experience for each Real Life week that you role-play and get involved in game events. Please note that "single-post", "dead-end post" or "logistics post" scenes do not constitute roleplaying or getting involved and will not qualify for your character gaining Experience. It requires an active scene to occur and if you have any questions about this, please inquire further in your Storyteller Discussions thread in your Character Forum.

If you invite somebody to the game and they try it out , you will gain a bonus 2 Experience Points for your character. In order to gain this experience, be sure to have the new player indicate who invited them when they submit their character sheet for approval. Once the new player has participated for a total of at least four sessions, the referring player will receive their bonus Experience.

When you want to make increases to your character sheet, you MUST post all experience expenditures in your character forum so that the Storyteller can keep track of all earned and spent experience as well as updating your character sheet.

Experience Costs are:
  • Attributes: current rating x 4
  • New Ability: 3
  • Abilities: current rating x 2
  • Backgrounds: No experience cost; can only be gained through roleplay
  • New Discipline: 10 experience as long as you are taught and taste the vitae of somebody with it
  • New Discipline Path (Necromancy or Thaumaturgy): 7
  • Clan Disciplines: current rating x 5
  • Out-of-Clan Discipline: current rating x 7
  • Secondary Disipline Path (Necromancy or Thaumaturgy): current rating x 4
  • Virtues: current rating x 2
  • Humanity: current rating x 2
  • Willpower: current rating
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Experience Points
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