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An online game set in the gothic punk world of Vampire: the Masquerade; created by White Wolf.
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 THE EMBRACE and Details for Playing

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PostSubject: THE EMBRACE and Details for Playing   THE EMBRACE and Details for Playing Icon_minitimeWed Dec 30, 2009 1:41 pm

  1. Active Game Time and Experience: Game will occur on real-time Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (GMT-7), which will consist of a single night in-game that, in Castle Dell, begins at 8:00 pm with dusk and ends at 6:00 am with sunrise. This is considered a session. Anybody who has played during the session will receive 1 experience point. You regain 1 spent temporary Willpower at the same time you are given experience. This may never exceed your maximum. At the beginning of each new session, you will lose 1 point of Vitae to rise for the next night. Saturday-Sunday real-time is considered the daylight hours (and the time for the storyteller to organize). After the session ends at 4:00 pm (GMT-7) on Friday, everybody has the rest of the day to wrap up their scenes and seek shelter from the sun. Any scenes that are still active as of Saturday will then have to fight the slumber imposed by the rising sun in order to escape to some degree of nearby safety. By Sunday, if any characters are still active, they will then begin to face Aggravated damage from the sunlight they are now exposed to and, if they still have not found safety during the daylight hours, by the time a new session begins on Monday, your character will be destroyed by the sun.

    Because of how we manage each night on the Embrace, this does of course create some problematic considerations regarding time in game and mechanical effects. For the purposes of this forum, all rules which indicate the following time descriptions will actually apply to the indicated real-life time span.

    Turn = Unchanged
    Less than an Hour = Full Scene
    Hour = Real Life Day
    Night = Real Life Week
    Week = Real Life Month
    Month = Real Life Quarter
    Year = Real Life Year

  2. Districts and Travel: To begin roleplaying, you can travel to any one of the districts in the city.:

    Industrial Works
    Nobility Hill
    Red Light District
    Travel (only used when necessary)

    In order to travel to one of these districts, send a Private Message to the Usergroup: Storytellers informing them of the desired district that you wish to travel to. (Directions on sending a Usergroup message.) Once you arrive at a district, you MUST choose a location and announce your presence by posting something like "[character name] walks in through the door." or "[character name] arrives." If the location you desire is not posted yet, start a new topic with the location listed in the subject line.

    The same is true for leaving, you MUST post something that announces your departure. If you are leaving the district, you must again send a Private Message to the Usergroup: Storytellers and let them know which district you are moving to. If this is not done, it is assumed you have returned to your haven. YOUR HAVEN WILL BE CONSIDERED YOUR DEFAULT LOCATION IF THE STORYTELLERS DO NOT KNOW WHERE YOU ARE.

    Please be aware that, when opening a scene, simply wandering a district is far too broad of a location. The districts are rather large and it will need to be better defined as to where specifically your character is in the district, even if you are just simply wandering the streets. Acceptable examples are something akin to: "Aurora Neighborhood" in Suburbia or "Streets Near Neon Dream" in Red Light District.

    there are times where significant events occure (primarily combat) where time is an important factor. Travel will be taken into account more definitively during these times. For instance, your mode of travel will be very important. You will not be able to rush to the aid of an ally if you are walking or using public transportation. If you are rushing via vehicles to get somewhere, a scene may occur where you roleplay your rush to that location, which will take into account factors such as speed, law enforcement presence, skill, and route. The CITY MAP will probably be used quite a bit for scenes like this.

  3. Roleplaying: When you are in a scene at a location where a scene is already active, but are interacting with a specific group of characters at the location or in a different portion of the location (such as a different room), start a new topic. This helps keep separate who is interacting with whom in each scene and makes it easier to roleplay.

    If you wish to proceed to a location without being noticed, you need to contact the Storyteller with information regarding your intentions. If you do not contact the Storyteller, you essentially have 0 successes for Stealth and others may more easily notice you.

  4. Posting Considerations: Please keep in mind that anything you post in a scene IS something that other characters in the same scene pick up on. If you post your inner monologue, something muttered under the breath, or something your character is feeling, it will be something that others in the same scene note. Perhaps they read your body language or your characters thoughts were actually sub-conciously muttered, or even the comments you mutter under your breath were spoken louder than you thought. Whatever the reason, it is viable information for those you are roleplay with.

    This is not meant to limit good descriptions and images of your character, because it does help a lot of the time, but it is meant to avoid meta-gaming knowledge. There is a high possibility, as time goes on, for players to forget what was spoken and what was not, thus creating that meta-gaming potential. Therefore, if you do not want something known in your scene that does not currently apply, do not include it in your post. Otherwise, post at your own risk.

    When posting, try to think through everything you want to include prior to submitting the post. We prefer everybody to refrain from double-posting for several reasons. Once your post is made, often times somebody is preparing their own post and may end up submitting their response without even noticing your second post. It also makes it easier to read the scene, and from a Storyteller perspective, it makes it tons easier to manage a scene. Once you make a post, in most cases it is best to wait for a response from somebody else before making another post.

    For any Out-of-Character comments, mechanical applications, or dice rolls, make sure to group them within Spoiler text. This leaves all character actions easily visible and all player actions hidden for ease of reading the scene, and quicker management for the Storyteller.

  5. Rolling and Game Mechanics: Whenever doing an action that calls for a roll, there is an option while posting a reply (this only works when replying; not starting a new topic) above the text screen marked by the image of a die that you click. In the text screen, state your action, and Willpower or Vitae expenditures, and enter in the number of dice for your dice pool between the command brackets for the roll. (Directions on how to roll dice.) Your roll will then be generated to determine the result and the scene will continue. Feel free to be creative in describing what happens based on your roll. All rolls are subject to storyteller intervention.

    If you wish to keep any rolls or actions private, such as secretly using Disciplines or other similar actions, send a private message to the Storyteller so that the scene can be properly moderated.

    Make sure to include all Blood use/gain, Discipline activations, Willpower use and any other relevant rolls within Spoiler tags as mentioned in topic #4.

    When you successfully hunt or spend blood, please indicate how much you are using by marking the number within parentheses. For instance, if you are activating a Discipline that requires you to use blood, healing, or otherwise using blood, mark the Discipline use in your post and include (-1) to indicate the expenditure. When drinking from a vesel, indicate how much blood you are taking in the same manner by marking (2) or however much you intend to take. If you do not indicate a specific amount, it will be consideder a default of (1).

  6. Avatar and Signature: Please include an avatar showing what your character looks like and post in your signature line what type of clothing you are wearing, your apparent age and anything distinctive about your character. This allows other players to get a visual aid for your character when they are involved in scenes with you. You will need to make sure to enter your profile and, in the preferences, mark your signature as visible. Due to some minor troubles with signature lines in the past; file size and loading time for images in them and increased usage of out of character content; all signatures must adhere to certain standards as follows:

    - May contain a single character banner as long as follows these dimensions: GIF or JPG format; Dimensions no larger than 600x100; File size no larger than 75 kb; Picture hosting cannot be done by ImageShack, Photobucket or ServImg.
    - May include text description of character's appearance.
    - May include links to pictures or sites (such as a Wiki page) for clothing, Retainers and visible possesions.
    - May include a link for the character's theme song.
    - May only include a single quote, humorous quip or non-character related item of text information.

    Please feel free to contact a Storyteller if you have any questions.
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THE EMBRACE and Details for Playing
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