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An online game set in the gothic punk world of Vampire: the Masquerade; created by White Wolf.
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 Resources & Costs

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PostSubject: Resources & Costs   Resources & Costs Icon_minitimeSun Jun 28, 2009 10:38 pm

It is important to note that Resources is not just liquid money. It is your current income which sustains your "way of life". Resources only becomes liquid money if you sell off all your assets and turn it into cash. It covers your bills, car payments, day-to-day purchases, house payments and any equipment purchases you wish to make according to the following list based on your dots in Resources or less. All characters can acquire items at a level less than or equal to their Resources. Anything at a higher cost can be acquired by sacrificing a dot of Resources per dot above what they currently possess. Naturally this does not cover everything; vehicles, property, business, etc. cannot be broken down into simple purchases and require more financial dealings in-game, but in general, your Resources also accounts for a certain degree of possession regarding those matters as well.

Also, if you acquire a cash reward during the course of the game, the amount of that reward is given to you as a Temporary Resources Equipment equal to the rating that the cash reward measures up to in liquid assets according to the Core Book. You may then use this Temporary Resources to purchase something at or below its rating and it also decreases by 1. This continues until you have expended the entire amount. It is also possible to use this Temporary Resources on investments in order to attempt an increase of your Resources Background.

Armor (purchase subject to legality, licensing and availability)
Reinforced Clothing (+1 soak) *
Armor T-Shirt (+2 soak, -1 Dexterity penalty) **
Kevlar Vest (+3 soak, -1 Dexterity penalty) ***
Flak Jacket (+4 soak, -2 Dexterity penalty) ***
Full Riot Gear (+5 soak, -3 Dexterity penalty) ****
Archaic Leather (+1 soak) *
Archaic Chainmail (+2 soak, -1 Dexterity penalty) **
Archaic Platemail (+3 soak, -3 Dexterity penalty) ****

Ammunition, Normal *
Ammunition, Special (some licensed, some illegal) +1 Resource level to weapon type
Blowtorch ***
Cellular Telephone **
Chainsaw **
Computer, Desktop **
Computer, Laptop **
Drugs, Illegal *** or more
Drugs, OTC *
Drugs, Prescription **
Flare *
Flashlight *
GPS ***
Gunsmithing Kit **
Handcuffs **
Lock Pick Set (illegal without license) ***
Laser Sight ***
Mace/Pepper Spray *
Nightvision Goggles **
Satellite Telephone ****
Scope ***
Security System, Advanced ****
Security System, Average ***
Security System, Basic **
Security System, Cutting Edge *****
Silencer (illegal) ***
Surveillance Gear ***
Survival Kit, Basic *
Survival Kit, Advanced **
Tool, Basic Type **
Tool, Shop Type ***

Melee Weapons
Axe (+3 lethal damage) **
Bayonet (+1 lethal damage) *
Brass Knuckles (+1 bashing damage, illegal) *
Chain (+2 bashing damage) no cost
Club (+2 bashing damage) no cost
Great Axe (+4 lethal damage) ***
Great Sword (+3 lethal damage) ***
Hand Axe (+2 lethal damage) *
Knife (+1 lethal damage) *
Mace (+2 bashing damage) **
Pocketknife (+0 lethal damage) *
Sap (+1 bashing damage) *
Snap Baton (+2 bashing damage) **
Spear (+3 lethal damage) *
Staff (+1 bashing damage) no cost
Stake (+1 lethal damage) no cost
Stun Gun *
Sword (+2 lethal damage) **

Ranged Weapons (purchase subject to legality, licensing and availability)
Assault Rifle (7 damage) ***
Bow (6 damage) **
Crossbow (5 damage) ***
Flare Gun (1 aggravated damage) *
Pistol, light (4 damage) ***
Pistol, heavy (5 damage) ***
Revolver, light (4 damage) **
Revolver, heavy (6 damage) **
Rifle (8 damage) **
Shotgun (8 damage) **
SMG, small (4 damage) ***
SMG, large (4 damage) ***
Tazer **

COMPANIONSHIP, Prostitute: Normal Service **+
COMPANIONSHIP, Prostitute: Simple Service *
COMPANIONSHIP, Stripper: Private Show **
COMPANIONSHIP, Stripper: Tips *
EDUCATION: Community College/Trade School Tuition **
EDUCATION: University Tuition ***
ILLEGAL: Car "Cleaning" ***
MEDICAL: Clinic Service **
MEDICAL: Hospital Service ***
ROOMING: Facility Rental ****
ROOMING: Hostel *
ROOMING: Hotel Room ***+
ROOMING: Motel Room **
ROOMING: Room Rental ***
SERVICE INDUSTRY: Bar Tab/Restaurant Dinner **
SERVICE INDUSTRY: Coffee/Diner/Fast Food *
SERVICE INDUSTRY: Culture & Entertainment ***
SERVICE INDUSTRY: Exclusive Admission/Club/Membership/Restaurant ****
SERVICE INDUSTRY: Typical Admission Fare/Common Purchases *
TRANSPORTATION: Airline Ticket ***
TRANSPORTATION: Taxi Fare/Train Ticket **
TRANSPORTATION: Vehicle Rental **+

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Resources & Costs
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