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An online game set in the gothic punk world of Vampire: the Masquerade; created by White Wolf.
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 New Players - IMPORTANT

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PostSubject: New Players - IMPORTANT   New Players - IMPORTANT Icon_minitimeTue Apr 20, 2010 3:32 pm


White Wolfe was kind enough to create an environment that doesn't necessitate killing those you feed from. Of course, you can, but it's not recommended.

*Note: 1 to 2 points of blood will hurt a person but is relatively "safe". They'll recover in just a couple of days. 3 to 4 is drinking deeper and won't kill them - immediately. It can leave them susceptible to disease and infection and if done repeatedly on the same person will have adverse affects. 5 to 6 and they'll be lucky to live. 7 and you've killed them. A human has 10 points of blood which each equal a pint. Indicate how much blood you take by putting the amount in parenthesis.

With hunting, or rather, any action, think through the consequences. For instance, if you go around beating everyone you feed from, chances are you'll leave a trail and attract attention. If you leave behind drained bodies don't expect it to go unnoticed.

Consider: if you "mug" a man in an expensive suit, take his blood and leave him alive, chances are he'll call the police and file a report. Now you have a paper trail. If you "mug" a homeless guy, he may or may not call the police and the seriousness to which the police attend to this sort of complaint isn't as big.

On that note, life isn't fair and people do judge and profile. EXPECT the same here.

All clans have abilities called Disciplines that help them in these areas. One that is common among a few clans is called "Presence". Being able to affect someone's emotions in to being more agreeable with you is a good way to hunt.

Other clans have "Dominate" which allows you to command and tell others what to do. This is also a useful hunting tool.

Some clans have "Animalism" which helps if you're in a bind. However, we highly encourage role-play and so sustaining yourself on a diet of only animals is akin to having nothing but bread and water in your own diet. Sure, you can survive on it but it's not something you're going to want to eat every day.

"Obfuscate" is another discipline useful in hunting. If your prey can't see you coming, mixed with the pleasure of the Kiss (what happens when you feed from a person) generally you're going to leave them confused.

There are many other disciplines useful for hunting, these are just a few mentioned. Use your imagination and think through what you're doing.

Of course, you can always use the old fashioned method and actually have a conversation with a person. Seduction doesn't belong solely with blood sucking immortals.

To hunt, roll Perception. We've taken on the Dark Ages alternate rule of applying your Herd rating automatically so it no longer applies to your hunting roll.

If you have any questions or would like ideas or examples of how to go about hunting contact the Storytellers Group.
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New Players - IMPORTANT
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